“No expression. Let the food smile.”

IMG_7077{sweater: Thrifted | jacket: Forever 21+ | pants: Old Navy |
purse: Rebecca Minkoff | boots: Aldo+Target Boots}

Photos by Kizzie Klaire Photography

IMG_7091 IMG_7052 IMG_7069 IMG_7056 IMG_7098

Ironically I was super excited they spelled my name right on my Starbucks cup though my name is not that hard the E on Brooke seems to always be missing when I go just about anywhere. Trust me when I say me and the other Brooke’s out there we’ve talked about this and we all almost always spell our name with an E. So lets get our name and all the other names out there spelled correctly!!! Also it didn’t hurt having something warm me up while taking photos. Now that this random chat is over let’s talk my favorite piece I am wearing in this outfit.

I also want to say that I am in love with this outfit though my pants may or may not have ripped down the butt name I’m crying inside. I might even consider it my go to outfit. Jeans, means sweater, and of course my go to staple Leather Jacket. Which my collection of jackets especially leather jackets has grown. Also this oatmeal sweater was a great no amazing find in college at the America’s Thrift Store. Though I am pale as a sheet the light oatmeal didn’t scare me nor do I ever feel washed out in it. Maybe it’s because of my dark hair. I don’t know. All I know is I skip new sweaters for this one on a daily basis though I do wish it was a tad bit longer. Though that is what the newer tops have done to us we expect all the tops to be longer.


“No expression. Let the food smile.” – Hello, Dolly!

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