“Have you thought about what you’ll do when your contract is up?”

I would be lying if I said I have been a sports fan my entire life. So I’m not going to lie to you.

I have had at this point two blogs but only one lives on. I will also refrain from a selfish plug for that blog and not give you all a link to it because it is definitely a 180 from what this blog will be about.

Now the “lie about sports” that my friend is a bit of a story.

So grab some coffee and a snack if you want to keep reading.

Most kids either play sports when they are young or do something art related. If you are lucky enough you get to do both. I was one of those kids that was not pushed into sports. I did try gymnastics for awhile but the love of dance class won out of everything. Now. Just because I was a dancer does not mean that I wasn’t exposed to sports or that I couldn’t like sports I just spent every waking moment in a dance studio even at a young age. I also moved around way too much to get serious even about dance. So sports wasn’t entirely introduced until I was in high school. The year I was finally introduced to a true southern state, in my opinion, and my first encounter with anything sport related that wasn’t a young sibling sports game.

But it wasn’t the best sports encounter.

I attended a small high school meaning I graduated with about 60 kids. So I knew way too much about each of them. That also meant sports could go either way. They could go really really good or really really bad. But as always that would change depending on the sport you were talking about. My specific school excelled in individual team sports like cross country, track, and wrestling. They did decent at baseball, softball, soccer, and even football when I was a freshman. But as per the life of sports it hanged within a year and sometimes it goes up and down and sometimes it just goes down. So my love for sports did not happen in high school. I attended some games but more for the high school experience than the love of the game.

So fast forward through the awkward stages of high school and all the lovely high school experiences I was lucky to have and we find ourselves in college.

If you had told me my freshman year of high school that I would end up at an Alabama state college I would have laughed in your face. However, senior year I found myself deciding between the biggest Alabama state colleges. Alabama and Auburn. Now even if you are not from Alabama you recognize at least one of those names. Two huge sports schools. I a person who was whatever about sports was about to attend a school that was heavily influenced by sports.

When all was said and done I decided on Alabama for the sheer fact that I loved the architecture. I also would attribute the fact that they won their first national championship in 2009. But that cannot be affirmed or denied.

So I went to Alabama and I’ll happily say roll tide roll any chance I get.

Now. At Alabama I attended ever single home game I got a ticket too. My heart fell in love. I loved everything about game day and I wanted to learn more. I also would be lieing if I said my roommate from Maryland and a die hard Eagles fan did not help with my love of football and eventually all sports.

Four years and two national championships back to back I was even more involved. Senior year we found ourselves traveling to two away games and I had attend a few other sports events by that time. Those being gymnastics and basketball. But when the true love of all sports began my senior year of college. Yep. It took that long for me to find my true love for sports as a whole.

My senior year of college I found out that I had only a few classes that I had to physically attend. Best way to end college might I add. That year was also the year of the Winter Olympics. I found myself by myself for a bunch of hours in a day because my roommate was either in class or work, therefore, I happily started to watch the olympics. I ended up watching everything. I wasn’t becoming one of those people that only watching the big stuff like skiing and ice skating I found myself watching cross country skiing and curling as well. I found a love for watching people compete and win in something they love and worked towards for so many years. I started being more into college football and then the women’s World Cup and the summer olympics came. That brought my love for soccer to the forefront. I watched all of the World Cup and saw USA bring it home. It was amazing. Then I of course watched the summer olympics when I could and kept up with everything even when I didn’t watch. Soon football was back in full swing and I started watching any game that was on. Alabama would always win my attention but I would watch other teams just to get a feel for the teams. Soon I didn’t recognize myself. Here was the girl who would use football games in high school as socializing because it was one of the only days I didn’t dance.

After the love of NCAA football was in full swing the NFL wasn’t far behind. I would never say I have one NFL team I like above the rest but I do have players that I would rather watch.

A long winded story to get us to real time. Where I will come home and watch a sports game before I would watch a tv show. Now. We have a couple of sports going on. Basketball is still running strong. I will confess that is probably the one sport I cannot get into but i am trying. Hockey is the playoffs. Baseball is in full swing and that is where my heart is. I loved going to the ballpark when my brother was younger and played but he traded in his bat for some running spikes and a soccer ball. A big cross country, track, and soccer player. Now I watch all the teams, I have my favorites, but I will watch or listen to any game that is going on. Sometimes it’s hard to pick because I want to see how they are all doing.

I am beyond a beginner when it comes to knowing sports stats, still rusty on sports lingo, don’t ask me about history of sports, and I’m not ready to spit out facts about existing teams before after or during the season. Just saying. I strive to get there and I know I will. Each game I learn something new. Each game I understand it a little more. and each game I fall more in love.

If you made it this far thanks and welcome to Not Your Average Sports Fan she will grace this corner of the internet every Tuesday! So I guess I will see you tomorrow.

“Have you thought about what you’ll do when your contract is up?” – Trouble with a Curve, 2012

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