“Nothing is more necessary than the unnecessary.”

Picking some of my favorite outfits was in no way the hard part when I was introduced to Social Print Studio and wanted to join in on the project of creating a lookbook with pieces that were my favorite or what made me confident. I don’t normally share how much I love what I wear and that it makes me feel super confident. I don’t know maybe it is that shy girl in me but I hate to toot my own horn. At the end of the day I love what I wear and I love making myself feel good. Also, I love the photos Kizzie captures, for once in my life I feel beautiful and confident and well just me. I have a lot to be thankful for and I have a lot that I want to accomplish. Also here are some of Social Print Studio’s most popular products at the moment Photo Books | Metal Prints! You don’t want to miss them!

So. Like I said Social Print Studio wanted me to show outfits that have made me feel well the best in. In all of these outfits I feel super confident in, I loved the outfit, and I have tried something new in almost all of the outfits. Yes there have been a few outfits that I have tried and got the photos back and be like ummm maybe not the best, luckily none of those seem to happen when Kizzie is taking my photos. So sometimes I wonder if Kizzie is just magical with her camera or no I am almost convinced she helps these outfits look even better.

Since I have settled into my life in Birmingham (AL) I have been able to experiment in a few things. One being my style. When I have found a kinda different for me outfit and it translates well on camera that is when I feel the most confident. As a blogger when we have accomplished something and people actually like it including ourselves I take that as a small victory. Of course I have a few items that I grab when I really need that confident boost.

I love my high waisted jeans from Old Navy they always help me feel confident in my body image.

A leather jacket always makes me feel cooler and comfier. If you have been a follower for awhile you know you see jackets on the reg even if it isn’t that cold outside.

A lip color especially a bright or dark color. Nudes are just now making its way into my lip collection.

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Also don’t forget to head on over to Redbook to vote for me  to be the next Real Women Style Awards Winner! It would mean the world to me!!!


“Nothing is more necessary than the unnecessary.” – Life is Beautiful

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