“Okay. How do we blow it up? There’s always a way to do that.”

Life is a funny thing. Through this whole journey I have had here on the blog and in my personal life I have noticed that for once I think I am who I truly am and I’m finally following my own saying of ‘be yourself’. It is funny because I always thought I was being myself to some extent I was being myself. On other levels though I do not think I truly was. It actually wasn’t till the other day when I was talking with a coworker and going through all my old posts so they would look more streamlined when I came back I noticed the biggest thing I was doing that wasn’t really me. Some people would say it was a transition time and I had to go through it to get to where I am. Which is completely true but I think if I was my true self in the beginning I would be farther along in certain areas. That main area funnily is my style.

I moved to Alabama right before high school and I feel like I was still learning about what clothes were besides what fashion and style were. I found myself surrounded by crimson and war eagle, monograms, and big bows on all these little kids, smocks, pearls, wallabees, and a lot of color. Therefore, like any teenager, I decided to try what I call southern style but I could never fully throw myself into it. Therefore, I never mastered it. I would add a little color here and there but I still really loved classic pieces and basic colors. Luckily, the use of a catholic school uniform and dance clothes really helped me not have to throw so much into this southern style phase. Moving off to college and not having my loving mother give her two cents every time I went shopping allowed me to find my style a little more. Nevertheless, going to a big southern school and being in a sorority still had that southern flare in it. By the last few years of college and my blogging getting more prevalent I stepped a little farther away from the southern style I had tried to be so hard.

I always say that people should be who they want to be and they should definitely do that when it comes to the outfits that they wear. I have even written posts about it and I have talked about how I was my true style. In some parts I was. However. Today I am finally that person. I feel like I am finally the style and fashion that I have always wanted to be and what my soul has always wanted to be. I am finally just letting my gut tell me to wear it and you know what if people stare at me at least I am making it worth their while. I am going to stop thinking what anyone else says I should wear, what they think is the right style, right color, right whatever. Yeah I may ask opinions but at the end of the day if I feel confident in it, I am going to wear it and you my readers will most likely see it. Some of you may not like it because it will be most likely less color, more artistic, deeper, more of what my soul and gut call for, therefore, it will be more me.

-Kizzie Klaire Photography-
-Hair by Hannha-

“Okay. How do we blow it up? There’s always a way to do that.” – Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2015

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