“Paris is always a good idea.”

I touched a little bit on it with my beginning posts, yes there are two of them.

Travel is something that is important to me and something I want to expand on.

I was going to kick off the year sharing the one thing that I hoped to accomplish this year, but seeing as I took a planned but unplanned break. Which, then turned into a change on almost all levels. Today I am sharing that one hope for this year. A hope that I am actually accomplishing as you are reading this post! TWO THUMBS UP!

My goal for this year is to go somewhere outside of the state of Alabama every single month.

That is a lot to take on, I know, but I so far have achieved it with the looks of not letting anything or anyone get in my way. Yeah many would say it is an irresponsible task because I don’t have all this PTO to do it or I won’t be saving money but in all honesty it feels right. Now that I have figured out how not to spend silly money when I am home in between I see how achievable it can be. I also love the change that it brings into my life every month. There is a beauty in going to a place you have either never been before or going with someone else. Travel enriches your life. Seeing that I am only 25 with no debt to pay off why wouldn’t I take this time to grow through travel. Yeah I may live off frozen chicken tenders for weeks and maybe break down and get a pizza for a week but if that means I can go to a new city every month I am going to do it. AND. Guess what! You all are coming with me. I will hopefully start sharing more and more about each trip with you all even in new or old ways.

Let’s all go out and reach that goal we want to reach and if it is travel like mine have fun and don’t hold back.

“Paris is always a good idea.” ~ Sabrina

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