Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff and Brooke

It happened. I met one of my favorite designers, Rebecca Minkoff. Surprised meeting a designer was not on my list, but we can check it off anyway. I have loved her designs for a very long time and I am happy to say my little sister does too.As a member of the amazing group Birmingham Bloggers whoop whoop I was able to attend a Q&A with Rebecca Minkoff and she answered questions for us! It was kinda awesome. I am such an interesting writer some days. We learned about struggles she faced starting her business, what inspires her, her thoughts on bloggers, advice for bloggers and young designers, and much more. I would go into detail but I don’t want to miss quote anyone and it would take a very long time.

I loved being able to have this small group with her and to learn more about her. It truly made me like Rebecca Minkoff more as a person and of course in return love her brand even more I already picked out what I am getting next, hello christmas gift to me! After we had the Q&A we mingled while Rebecca Minkoff took photos and signed purses and I got to meet more bloggers like Lindsey from Life Lutzurious and Demia from Beautiful Epiphany. Then of course many more Bham Bloggers that I have meet before!

I also loved the outfit she was wearing! It is completely up my ally and I wish I had her pants and jacket, which that jacket is the one item in her closet she will never get rid of. It is her Moto jacket from her clothing line. If you want dot know I am wearing my sleeveless trench from Ann Taylor with a leather dress as a skirt and a stripped crop top. AND my new Tory Burch shoes which I didn’t even take pictures of….


My lovely friend Molly came to the event!! I love her dearly!


Some of the Bham Bloggers!

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