“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!”

So for Maddie’s Spring Break I convinced her to let me drive us to Savannah [GA] and Charleston [SC].
All I had to promise was a trip to the Charleston Aquarium and who doesn’t want to spend a day in the aquarium?

Day 1: We spent the morning doing some last minute things, well more like I spent the morning doing last minute errands AKA getting my oil changed. Maddie was able to spend some time with her BF and we then of course got on the road after some lunch with our brother. The drive was actually really easy and we took a few much needed detors along the way. The first was a quick stop at Lane Peach Packing, though they were closing we were able to run in do a little bathroom break [score for a non scary clean bathroom!] and take a cute picture out front. Most importantly we talked about all the memories we had going here. From when we went on our way to Charleston, Virginia, and NYC when I was in college to the trips we took when Maddie was a baby with my best friends since kindergarten. Crazy enough the rest of the drive was really familiar to me. I had driven it by myself years ago, my senior year of high school to be exact, and it was almost clear as day. By far the coolest part was driving into the old town we lived in when I was in 5th and 6th grade and I knew exactly where we were. I was able to find our old house like we still lived there! We then drove through the town we lived in for two yeaers and even saw the light we got into an accident one Halloween. What’s even crazier is the fact that they built so many business around that light, when we lived there all that was around it was fields. So many changes. We then made our way to the cold and rainy Savannah.

We checked into the cute little bed in breakfast right in the heart of the beautiful old homes of Savannah. We got a fun little tour picked out our breakfast for the morning and found ourselves tucking in for the night. We were so cold, well maddie was, that we decided to skip exploring and finding a place to eat and just call it a night.

Day 2: We woke up ate at the bed and breakfast then walked around for a few minutes near the bed and breakfast mainly for me to get an instagram photo. Blogger problems. I then had to run to CVS because I forgot my SD card for my camera. Side Note: I have even more respect for those who take bloggers photos especially when they have to travel because they have to remember so much and then they still have to take the photos. Hats off to all photographers. After a slip into a busy CVS we made our way down to the water front where the St. Pattys parade would have been at the end of the week. Maddie was in the mood for some candy so we set our sights on the Savannah Candy Store but on the way we stumbled into this amazing antique shop. There were so many pieces I wanted to take home with me and it made me jealous that the owners were able to find pieces like these. The store is up on the top part of the shops on the water and is called the Southern Gents Antiques [208 East Bay St.] It was this perfect small space filled with so many good bits and bobs and I wanted them all! They were even mentioned in Vogue! How cool! Next time we go I plan on bringing something back from there. But for this trip we just ooooed and aaaahed and then got out of there before I broke down and got something.

We then popped down to the candy store and found this market place where we picked up a chocker for Maddie and a little picture from our mom, ate a hot dog, and found ourselves back in the car on our way to Charleston.

It was a quick little snippet of Savannah and it made me want to go back!

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!” – Braveheart


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