I had so much fun at our state meet up for Southern Blog Society! I loved the balloons Meredith got I even snatched the B so you might be seeing it again! We meet up at a Mexican Restaurant in downtown bham and it was delicious! as you can see in my insta photo of my cheese-y food shhhhhh. I also rocked a new dress from ASOS that I love! And I mean love! It is all leather that has this beautiful painted pattern on it! Having a job is defiantly helping my fashion picks and blog.

I loved being able to meet up with other bloggers and see some familiar faces. I think the best part besides going to grab food with others is that we may have never meet before but we have this common ground which we can bound over so quickly. We all talked about our specific blog what we like to blog about, where are blog names come from, and some hopes and wishes for our blogs. I just loved being able to talk blog with girls that actually understand and give feed back.

I can’t wait for the next one and fingers crossed I get to go to the big SBS meet up!

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  • That is such a great idea! I hope there are some blogging events in my area! Also, I love your outfit! I’m obsessed with the patterns and absolutely love your bracelet!

    • Hey Catey!
      I hope so too! They are so much fun! Thanks I love to mix these patterns! And thanks I kinda really love my new bracelet!
      Thanks for the comment!