“I’m sorry I can’t break that rule. I have a rule about that.”


So see something similar here? Yes you do I am rocking the same colorful and playful top from Sincerely Mary once again. But today I am bringing it to you in a more dressed outfit. I wanted to show you guys that this colorful top can be worn many ways! And though I may have not done anything but drive 2 and 1/2 hours this day I would totally wear this outfit to a nice dinner or party!

IMG_7807 IMG_7795 IMG_7814 IMG_7809 IMG_7855 IMG_7831 IMG_7790 IMG_7812 IMG_7826

{top: c/o Sincerely Mary | skirt: JCPenney | heels: Joe Jean’s |earrings: Kendra Scott |
sunnies: Anthropologie | lippies: Clinique Pop in Plum Pop}

This week has been filled with a bunch of emotion. I had a fabulous Monday in Selma taking pictures with Alaina which if only she lived closer!! I said goodbye well more like see ya soon to an amazing friend from work. And I am trying so hard to kick myself back into the grove of the blogging world.

I also find myself being very happy with my decision to do this 100 days of No-Buying with Nicole from Bolts BlogWhich you all need to go check her blog out RIGHT NOW! Don’t even finish reading my rambling! It has taught me a lot and though I would love to share some of that with you today I am going to refrain myself because I want to do a WHOLE post about it when it is over next month! But a little sneak peek which most people can guess is that you learn not to buy just because you love it in the moment and to actually buy things that you will love for now and the next year.

I have seen a LOT go on in the blogging world. Though my blog may not be as big as those that actually started with me 5 years ago I have still seen the changes that have occurred. I have a great FB group where we share what’s real in the blogging world and I love it but the other day we had a conversation that sadly I was a part of about how not all bloggers are well friendly to all other bloggers. Yes we might be on completely different levels where you might be in the top 10 heck 50 most known blogs and I am over here in Bham, AL trying to get a name for myself. I wish that everyone would just be at least polite to each other we are all trying to learn about this world we call the internet. I am lucky to have a support group and close bloggers friends who may be in 3 states over but they are still there. So I just wish we were ALL supportive even to the small bloggers out there! And Thank you to my group of bloggers that give me support!
Thanks for reading my ramblings I don’t really know what sparked this but it just came out today.

Have a Fabulous and wonderful Friday!!!


“I’m sorry I can’t break that rule. I have a rule about that.” – Made of Honor, 2008

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  • Love love loveeee this mix of pattern and texture! The colors are beautiful on you!
    xx Bri

  • You are too cute! I absolutely love your top knot. I wish I could pull that off! Your summery white skirt is so perfect for August, and the customized necklace is so fun!! Awesome look!

    Cameron Proffitt

  • I LOVE the texture and pleats on this skirt!! It totally makes it 🙂 Have a great weekend!
    Southern Elle Style

  • Truthfully I do feel the same way. I get into frustrating points though because I feel like I’m busting my ass and then I see a mediocre blogger with FIVE times (if not more) the traffic I get and it’s so hard to want to keep going and the struggle is truly real when you have a daytime job, a relationship, a social life, etc. It really gets tough it’s true but in order to persevere we all have to help each other and give constructive criticism so we can improve. I’m super thankful for our group because without all of you supporting me, my blog wouldn’t get half the traffic it does! xx

  • You’re so cute…and these colors are fabulous!!!
    xx, Karen
    Glam Karen

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the experience with other Bloggers. It is a very competitive environment but I’m with you, we are all human and we all deserve to be treated with kindness. Unfortunately, others just don’t think that way so stay true to those that do and to those that treat you well. You look adorable by the way!

    Brooke | KBStyled

  • Too cute!!! Love your skirt! I can’t get enough summer white!!!

    Happy Friday!

  • Very cute top!! I love it paired with the textured white skirt, and together they remind me of spring. And I love your heels ☺️

  • You are adorable! Such a cute look! I love the texture in the skirt!


  • Darcy

    Sooo cute! I love how you dressed up the top here!

  • You are always just so cute and smiley. I feel like you have a great outlook on life! Love love this shirt on you and LOVE the idea of 100 days without buying anything!

    xoxo Amanda

  • Another adorable outfit!!!

  • first of all, you look darling! second of all, thanks for opening up. i don’t think enough of us are so candid and raw on our blogs. i’m totally with you, i hate seeing women get catty and competitive rather than supporting each other. I’m SO thankful for our group, and love that its brought all of us together. just remember why you got into this in the first place. thats what i try and do. i got into this as a creative outlet …. the fact that people care about what i have to say and read along is an extra blessing.

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

  • i hear ya on not all bloggers being friendly. it sucks! i hate the competitiveness—i am not that way, i see us as doing our own things. i miss that from back in the day where we just supported each other.

  • You look adorable. And yes, sometimes there are definitely bloggers who take their status and get a big head and it’s sad. I’ve been blogging for 4 years and I am certainly not big by any means. But I love what I do and no one can take that away from me… or you. Keep doing you! xo

  • Those earrings are so spunky and fun! I am in love!

  • You always look so cute! I love those earrings!!

    Hannah Shanae