“…. Sorry, I’m allergic to bullshit.”

New Year…. New You?
Let’s try that again
My ‘New Year’ began in October

I did not want to share with anyone any sort of resolutions for the new year for one main reason. That reason is I finally believe something someone told me a few years ago. It does not take a new year to change who you are or to take the steps you need to change what you want. It was around October of last year when I made the biggest decision. You will learn more about that in the coming weeks.

Deep down with that decision another decision was also unknowing made. One that became clear when I shared the news of the first decision this year.  This is not my new years resolution. I will not call it a goal for the new year. Deciding to make a healthy change that I have needed mentally for a few years now. The decision is to become more okay with who I am as a person. Last year shook me to the core with a few things that happened. Making it more prominent to me that this change needed to happen.  A step I truly needed to take. There are parts of me I have accepted a long time ago and some I thought I had accepted. Majority of what I need to be okay with is that fact that I have changed and the body I have created myself.

Not everyone will like my changes. However, we I do not change myself for other people. Some people would say I lost my bubbly, I am not sentimental, I either share too much or too little. Moments I would agree with but many moments I truly do not. Deep down I have become a strong woman. I have always wanted to be this strong person who held on to everything and stood fast to my beliefs.

A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” – Malcolm X

I want to become even stronger. The will of standing for who I am and what I believe in pushes me. Also having a job that allows me to use more of who I am is definitely a bonus. I want to be okay with who I am deep down.

I am

:Someone who would rather wear faux fur, leather, heels, ball caps, and of course some lipstick

:Also someone who would live in old jazz pants and sport bras at home

:A girl who would rather be on more one on one convos than be in a group

:Someone who will say no more often than not

:A girl that wants to see so much but gets lost on where the first step is

:A girl whom hid part of who she was without knowing it

:A girl that could spend hours in an art museum by herself

:A girl whom wishes she took art every semester of college

:Someone who loves to eat but would skip a meal without knowing it

:Someone who spends way too much thinking about others

:A girl that gets lost in comparison

:A girl who loves to hear other opinions and 9 times out of 10 will chose the one no one else picked

“…. Sorry, I’m allergic to bullshit.” – I, Robot, 2004


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