“And they say *war* is hell.”

I found myself scrolling through pinterest the other day and a pin made me stop and think. Stress. We all have it. We all try to find the best ways to handle it. In addition, because those friends of mine love how open I have become on here I decided it is time to talk about stress because stress was a huge aspect to why the blog has changed.

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Life is hard and we all are stressed. Some people are amazing at dealing with it and some people not so much i.e. me. I was the kind of person people would talk about when they said some people do not handle stress well. Which some people might actually be surprised to read that because to the naked eye I kind of handle stress decently. I can seem fine and dandy but at the end of the day, I may fall apart. At the end of the month, I may break down and maybe in two months I will finally talk to someone about it.

I was and still struggle with not telling people things. Therefore, when something stressed me out I would bottle it all on the inside and then blow up. Whether that blow up was me getting overly mad about something or 9 out of 10 times recently I would break down and cry.

Because of that break from the blog to deal with life, I finally took the steps and went to a therapist. Some people do not believe in therapist and some have been super supportive. However, this post is not about therapist. The reason I brought my therapist up is because one thing I learned that kind of caused my stress and even small anxiety would be things that I could not change even if I wanted to. So she told me to learn to change my thought process and to change my thoughts all together because why stress over something you cannot change.

That is a lot easier said than done.

Therefore, I tried it. Moreover, all it took was a few days and I have found myself being able to change my thoughts increasingly. Yes, I still stress over things and I still have negative thoughts but now I feel like I can handle them. So my main stress relievers are: music, talking to people, and smiling, just changing my inner thoughts and a happy surprise was writing on here.

Music is fabulous way to distress because you lose yourself in the song and when you find that perfect song you leave beyond happy. You may find yourself in a great mood.

Talking to people and smiling helps beyond wonders at my job because it can and is stressful. I found just letting myself be kind to others and talking nicely to others would change my mood and I would soon find myself actually feeling happier.

Changing someone’s inner thoughts is the hardest one for me but I find myself talking myself down from bad, sad, or mad thoughts so I do not act crazily because of them.

This post was a stress reliever. Writing on here is a stress reliever. By far being able to put thoughts to words is the best thing for anyone that is stressed and sometimes you don’t want those close to you to know but you are okay with it being our there on the world wide web.


I hope this post helps someone out there maybe find a new way to deal with stress. I also hope that it kind of makes me deal with my own stress more. It is definitely still and will always be a work in progress but isn’t life a work in progress?

“And they say *war* is hell.” – The Pacifier, 2005


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