Style Change

From a style that was almost nonexistence  InaWOrldofBees | Yellow and Mint OOTD

To a style that is very much classic with a twist

As I wrote to you guys a few weeks ago yes a few weeks ago I cannot believe I have skipped two weeks on here. I know you all have missed me oh so much. I have noticed a few changes in my style a tiny bit in decor and a whole lot of cleaning and clearing out. It is kinda crazy that the change is almost blinding. I never thought that I would have gone from almost no style which is not pictured but I do have a best friend from High School who doesn’t hold back in my lack of style through high school. I gained a love for it then and it grew in college where I experimented but it wasn’t until I moved out on my own with a roommate that I really found my true style. Or at least my style for now. I feel like it will change often.

Just looking at the first outfit is just crazy to me! I mean I wish that I had the body back then though it isn’t too far from now  but look at that tank top dear lord what was I thinking. I was thinking it is hot in Texas. Then look at my long hair and the no makeup. Who is that girl!!!


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