“There’s talk of making it permanent.”

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View More: http://toshagaines.pass.us/inaworldofbees View More: http://toshagaines.pass.us/inaworldofbees {top: Old Navy | skirt: Banana Republic | heels: Shopbop – Joe Jeans | clutch: Gigi New York | sunnies: thrifted}

Photos by Tosha Gaines

Though the heat is defiantly here in Alabama I wore this lovely midi that is a little too thick to be wearing in the winter.
This week has been filled with so many things and I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and I am finding myself in a rut because well I couldn’t buy anything new because of my no-buy. Which some might think I was crazy to do a no-buy of everything but food but let me tell you it is helping me think twice as shopping in general. Plus saving just a few bucks is nice. I’ve loved this no-buy because it as fought me how to rework some of my makeup and wardrobe and it also makes me want to re think my closet and makeup stash, what I want to keep and what I don’t use anymore.

Don’t you love my pale skin; I don’t tan period even if I tried I just burn and then heal and it is like nothing happened. I may have gotten a tiny bit tan this summer but nothing crazy and nothing really noticeable. Plus I have embraced my pale skin like my dancer legs, and round face. They are details that make me me. I feel like as a women we all kinda get caught up into what is pretty or what people want to see and then down play what we have that makes us, well us. I’ve learned over the wears how to start accepting that and to learn to love me and to be healthy. It is still hard but as everything else in life it is a work in progress. What is your unique beauty that makes you, you?

“There’s talk of making it permanent.” – Failure to Launch, 2006

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  • I actually love the color of your skin!! I don’t really like my tan anymore :/. I loveeee Gigi New York though and have a couple things from there!

    xoxo Amanda

  • I’ve been searching for a great midi skirt! This one looks fab on you!!

    xx Bri

  • Not pale, porcelain!! Also, those shoes are ADORABLE.

  • Darcy

    Gorgeous! I always love how feminine and chic miidi skirts look!

  • Ok…first, you look fabulous in these photos! And second… your skin color is perfect! Like, porcelain perfection. Stop it! Love your Gigi clutch… I’m using mine today, in fact!
    xx, Karen
    Glam Karen

  • You look so cute! It’s like edgy and chic-ness meet!! Love it!! I used to only want to be tan but now I’m all about having heathy skin, you look gorgeous!! xo

  • Girl. I am totally part of the pale skin club 😉 LOL But that skirt is AMAZING!!

  • LOVE that gorgeous clutch! That color will last long into the fall and winter, and your leather skirt is amazing!

  • What fabric is it? Leather? The texture is so cool! I kind of tan, but mainly freckle:)
    Southern Elle Style

    • Brooke Ellen

      It’s very different I don’t even know the fabric. But it isn’t leather. I would say a thick quilted fabric

  • How long are you on a no-buy? I think I need to do some form of this… my spending is out of control. And I don’t tan either… self tanner for me! You look adorbs 🙂

    • Brooke Ellen

      Right now I am about halfway through. I did it for 100 days so 50-something left. And it has really helped me

  • I wish I had pretty pale skin like yours! I have fake olive skin (everyone thinks it’s olive because of my dark features but it is not – it’s pink and I burn and get sun spots everywhere!) which drives me nuts. It doesn’t look good pale and then in the summer I just end up with more freckles and sun spots. My tan also fades in like 2 weeks and it takes me forever to get it. You are better off let me tell ya! 🙂

    I love this outfit on you. I was recently thinking about doing a faux leather black skirt for a night out. I think it’s totally ok for the summer!

    À LA PLAGE style

  • Why do you always have the best shoes? I’m so jealous of all your shoes…miss you! xx

  • Midis are my favorite skirt length! This one is so fab – it looks great on you!

    xoxo, Christina

    Fitness & Frills