“That is very strange.”

I’ve had a love hate relationship with the town I went to high school in. Sometimes to make things easier I’ll say I’m from there but honestly I never want to call Montgomery, Alabama my home. It is where my family still lives but it is not my true home. I will say I love the hidden gems in Montgomery and of course the history flowing through it. There is a few thinks you must see and you must do but after a year or so you get tired when you are in your growing stages.

Now that I’m even farther into my growing stages I see Montgomery a little differently. Do not get me wrong it still isn’t my home. I don’t have a home town. I have a home which is wherever my family is. So if we want to get technical I have a few different homes.

With this change in my view point I finally took pictures in downtown Montgomery. Now I would be lying if I said I had never thought of it before because I did many times. We just finally did it. So you can see behind my beautiful unique outfit the state capital of Alabama. My sister may have not liked taking these pictures but they turned out so good.
And. I will say it but it made me like Montgomery a little bit more. Plus I like being home with my family a lot. And! Having some really amazing friends living in Montgomery is great too!

“That is very strange.” – Pride & Prejudice, 2005



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