“The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club”

I am reminded everyday that I am a tech nerd. I am sitting here waiting for something exciting to happen and decided to take a peek into the newest things at places like my love apple. Now some of you that read blogs would say well all bloggers love apple. Let me tell you why I like apple before I share why I was reminded that I am a tech nerd.

I have loved apple since my dad turned me onto it when I was a senior in high school – wow that has been awhile. It wasn’t until I was in my degree and into my more adult forming years that I realized what I loved about apple.  One I enjoyed who Steve Jobs was as a creator and as a person. I love that apple is whole heartedly more of a marketing company than anything else. I love when a company can produce commercials and ads one after the other and from the first glance or first picture you know who the company is. Then the artist in me loves the beautiful crafting that is put into the inside and outside of their products. I love the crisp clean look and a crisp clean motherboard.

So while I waited I popped on over to apple.com mainly because changes are a-coming and I see some new tech bits in my future, and not just from apple. I want to play with a mac, the ipad pro, heck I borrowed my moms mac air and im like this is nice, the airpods, and that is just to list apple products. I want to play, learn, and see what is the newest about these bits and bobs. Only a true tech nerd –in my opinion- would openly say I may have stuff that does ALL of this but I want to play with the new stuff. Its like a new camera to a photographer. Your old one still works but if there is something new and improved you want to work with it and try it out.

“The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club” – Fight Club, 1999


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