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It has happened. In a World of Bees, There’s Me has been a part of my life for 5 years. That may come as a shock to some of you because well for the first couple of years the blog was very very different and very lackluster. If I am honest with all of you. So not only am I celebrating owning this piece of the internet for 5 years but also a 1 year anniversary for truly sticking to it and becoming the blogger I am today. Because I have changed so much within the last year and I really saw how much I truly love my blog and what it means to me.

And I am going to warn you ahead of time I have a bunch of photos in this post! Liz did such a good job and I like them all! But if you just see a few more you will get to more chit chat from your’s truly.

IMG_4135 IMG_4070

Now I would be lying big time if I said these 5 years went by without any hitches. I started this blog in a weird situation before I started college after watching Julie&Julia. But within that first year it was really hard to find myself on a blog and in real life because so many things were going on, and unlike other bloggers I did not use that to my advantage hahaha. So the blog went through spurts and changes for just about 4 years, like my life did. Then my senior year with the help from a few really big supporters in my life my best friend Nikki who to this day will let me tell her all about what is going on in my blog life and she will always listen. Then of course my Dad who will always support me and my decisions. My mother and I have had a few bumps about my decision to blog but she does support me which I am truly thankful for. But anyway my senior year I added the blog to a higher spot of importance because to be honest I needed something to do. But with that need a love and rekindled spirit came back and here we are today! Then I graduated college and the blog became even more important. Because of that, I am happy to say I have reached 1 full year of really blogging; I made huge strides and I hope to make bigger splashes this next year and hopefully make more connections.

With five years of being in the blogging world I wanted to share a few things I have learned blogging:

  1. Only you can bring yourself down and keep you from doing what you want to do.
  2. Sometimes you can’t do it alone and you might need other peoples help and find a group to become a part of.
  3. What works for other people may not work for you
  4. Invest in certain things but learn to make due with what you have in others because the worst is waisting money.
  5. Stay true to yourself and learn to be yourself and be as original as you can.

Now those are really just my top blogging tips only because well these are the main ones I think of. Plus I feel like learning some of these have helped me not only in blogging but also in real life.

Now I have a few things that I wish to accomplish in this next year of blogging.

  1. I hope to work with a few more bloggers or businesses
  2. I hope to travel and share it with all of you
  3. I hope to be more consistent with my blogging and have a more business approach when working on it
  4. Try something new and different
  5. Go for it and forget about the logistics!

Thank you so much to all of you as well for coming back and reading what I have to say here on my little place of the internet. Though I have found I should always blog for myself I love the support from all of you and it helps me keep going knowing that someone is at least reading or seeing what I share.

Also another HUGE thank you to my many photographers that I have had! Thank you Maddie, Alaina, Liz, Jenn, Kaylan, and Tosha! And of course Nikki and Shannon who not only took my pictures but as roommates had to deal with so much more. Love you two to bits!

Now on to the amazing and many photos of me with my 5 balloon!

Happy Birthday In a World of Bees!! Here’s to another year!!!

IMG_4152 IMG_4057 IMG_4049 IMG_4154 IMG_4060 IMG_4137

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