“The suit is the modern gentleman’s armor. The Kingsmen are the new knights.”

To the man in the backwards ball cap.
You inspire me. Most women would rarely find something like this not attractive. But. I do. But what is more interesting I like what he is unintentionally or maybe intentionally saying. He is in the corner most likely on a business call in a casual suit, comfy shoes, and a backwards ball cap.
You can wear whatever as long as you feel ready to be your true confident self. The clothes don't make the women. The women make the clothes. I love how casual thus business man is. Now I know that many companies these days are much more relaxed in what people need to wear. Which is great for fashion but there is something I love about suits and truly being business professional. This man shows me and inspires me that you and I can be this great successful person with a backwards ball cap on. Because as long as you control the room and have the presence in that backwards ball cap no one will see the backwards ball cap. They will just see you.
So wear what you want and make it as done up or as casual as you want!

"The suit is the modern gentleman's armor. The Kingsmen are the new knights." – Kingsmen: The Secret Service, 2014

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