“I have a theory, newly developed.”

There is no better feeling then going to your first major league sports game. No matter the sport it’s an event. My first major league soccer game was just that. A surreal moment I was lucky to have.
My father brother and I attended the gold cup semifinal 2017 USA vs Costa Rica in Arlington Texas at the AT&T stadium of the Dallas cowboys. I will add I have been to that stadium plenty of times. But that stadium is a must see for any and all sports fans.
I’ve watched soccer for a few years now. My brother played high school soccer, I followed the USWNT all through the World Cup and then the olympics I followed both men’s and women’s.
My brother is kinda picky about what sports he likes to watch but soccer was one he would always go see though he really wanted to see the big teams. Brazil, Mexico, and so on.
This idea of taking him to a MLS soccer game has been in my head for years. Therefore when I heard the gold cup was being played in the USA I had to find a game we could go to. The chips all feel into place and we found ourselves at the semifinal. It was beautiful.
Both teams played a great game. In the end when the elusive Dempsey came on the field the USA got the final push they needed. They had great control and possession throughout the game. A couple of close shots on Costa Rica’s goalie. Cost Rica had some really good close calls also. But the USA kept the pressure and add Dempsey and they were ready to put in 2 goals with 20 minutes left.
Also big shout outs to Tim Howard an amazing goalie for all the beautiful saves.
A game I will forever remember. A memory I will love forever.

That my friends is the recipe of a really good game.

“I have a theory, newly developed.” – Mr. & Mrs. Smith, 2005

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