“There you have it, folks. Young love. Full of promise, full of hope, ignorant of reality.”

I cannot believe tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I also can’t believe that I have not one but TWO outfits for you! So stay tuned because me and my cute date have two posts coming to you today!!!


{dress: Old | cape: Who.What.Wear. Collection from Target |
heels: BCBG | earrings: Charming Charlie’s | lips: NARS Cruella}

Photos by Kizzie Klaire Photography 

IMG_9482 IMG_9546

As I said in my cookie post yesterday I am not a huge Valentine’s Day person but I think being single makes you that way.

The only part of Valentine’s Day I can get behind is dressing up and spending time with someone you love. Not all the crazy gifts though that would be nice and of course sweets too. This year my Valentine was not what I thought he would be but he is better than any boyfriend because he is well cuter and fluffy.

Meet GusGus, though I just call him Gus. He is actually Kizzie’s little fluff baby and I was so happy that not only Kizzie and I are friends but Gus and I hit it off really good. So he just had to be my Valentine.

So I got him some bow ties and I even styled my outfits around them!

IMG_9357 IMG_9469 IMG_9367 IMG_9425 IMG_9431 IMG_9451 IMG_9531

I love this dress though I never wore it for the reason I bought it but it has been featured now twice for Valentine’s Day!

It hugs me in all the right places and thought it is lower cut than I am use to I was still kinda comfortable besides the fact that I was cold. haha. But besides Gus the real stunner of the outfit is the cape I scored from the Who.What.Wear. line with Target, which sadly could be sold out because this was the last one at my Target. So head on over to your nearest Target and see what they have left!! Because they have some great pieces!!!

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!!! Stay Tuned I may have a casual look coming your way in a few hours!!!!


P.S. A little sneak peek

“There you have it, folks. Young love. Full of promise, full of hope, ignorant of reality.” – Valentine’s Day

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