“These go to eleven.”

IMG_7739 {Kizzie Klaire Photography}

I feel like I haven’t talked about beauty products on here in awhile. Not that any of you are feeling like you were missing it and I didn’t know what to share on here because well I spend my entire day around makeup, skincare, hair care, and fragrance so I just don’t find myself wanting to sit down and write about it. But never the less I find myself obliged to talk about it because well, I see the ins and outs and maybe some tips and tricks that some of you would want to hear well read. I have friends who are artist and skin care experts so before I go running around telling you my own tips and tricks (there isn’t many since I am still figuring stuff out) wouldn’t it be fun to get it from some of the professionals!

I know I have a few questions up my sleeves!
Under eye tips and tricks are always welcomed!
How to know if you need more than one concealer?
Brows knowing what products to use and how to shape them?
Lets talk about the difference between highlight and luminizer
Contour… are we still doing it?
Is there a difference in steps of doing our skincare?

Now this is where all of you come in, I would love to know if YOU have any questions! I would love to find out all the answers for you!


“These go to eleven.” This Is Spinal Tap, 1984


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