Update 101 in 1001

InaWorldofBees,There'sMe | 101 in 1001

{Started May 31, 2013}
{End February 26, 2016}
{ 20 down, 81 to go!}

18. Experience 10 new Restaurants 

#3 of 10: I tried out Urban Cookhouse recently awhile ago, but I forgot to update it. So there is that one. #4 of 10 Otey’s! I love Otey’s it is where I think Shan and I should watch games there. #5 of 10 Chen Express, yum yum chinese.
Half way through! And Shan and I have many more on the list.

29. Full Purge of everything when I move next

This one I am still working on, but the makeup is done and I started on clothes and accessories, hopefully with my girlfriends coming this weekend!

31. Do a Fashion Photo Shoot

My job started me off helping our photographer take styled shoots for the social media outlets, though it wasn’t an official  photo shoot I am counting it because it was fun and I also got to help on the commercial and took photos during it.

54. Get in the Habit of posting OOTD posts

Go and see all the ones I have added to my tab My Style

56. Read 10 New Books

#1 of 10: I finally finished Man Repellers book Seeking Love. Finding Overalls.

59. Apply for something just because it looks like something you would enjoy

Did and it didn’t turn out like I would have hoped, but I am proud of myself for taking the risk. Plus I feel like I ended up where I was suppose to.

62. Make 10 new dishes

#1 of 10: I created my very own breakfast pizza, it was yummy and lasted a few days which was great for those early mornings or lazy nights.
Next I want to try making baked tacos!

70. Pick up and move to a different city

I am going to count my move to Birmingham because well I didn’t know much about bham before I moved here besides where the airport was, the BJCC, and of course the shopping!

76. Find a simple everyday makeup routine

Though I never seem to be simplistic in my well anything I know what items to skip if needed and that is going to be my basic everyday makeup. The must haves are: Foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyebrows, mascara, and some type of lip product. Now I know that list is long for some but I feel I show off all my beautiful features or I just feel pretty.


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