“I’ve never had an inkling before. I wasn’t sure what to do with it.”

Happy Valentine’s Day
Today I am sharing my thoughts on Love.

Being a girl one is taught to find a mate since well since you learn the difference between boys and girls. We are taught to find a man who will take care of us, support us, and more over help us grow a family in God. Living in the south most of my life that thought and teaching was almost driven into our heads. Lets also not forget about the countless movies and tv shows that are driven by romance.

I will say I believed this to be stupid since I started high school and I was not as strong headed as I can be now. It is a surprise to hear that – I know.

However, today I write to you because I weirdly resonate with the idea. Yes the idea that I would love to have a family one day. It is hard to share those words because I was almost, always the one that never needed the thought of marriage. I have always strived to be a strong woman, someone who did not need anyone by her side.

Over the months I have learned that I can be strong on my own and still want someone to stand with me someone to be strong with me. I want to find myself someone who is stead fast but also knocks me off my feet. A man who I can call my best friend and share anything with. A man that can push me out of my comfort zone and wants to go on the adventures I can imagine in my head.

I would love to find myself a Mr. Knightly or a Mr. Darcy. I would strive to find someone who was perfect for me right in front of my face. Someone who was always there for me when I finally noticed it would be like a storybook. Though life isn’t like a storybook it is actually better but it hurts a lot of the time. That hurt is a huge reason why I wanted to be strong on my own.

Moreover, it would be like that moment when you cannot make a decision so you flip a coin. You realize you were finally able to make the decision while the coin was flipping. It would be a moment when you realize you made the decision a long time ago and now is the time to act on it.

Or is it? Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Thank you Kaitlyn for taking these photos!

I think I found a new photographer in Texas and guess what it’s a win win because she is my step sister.

“I’ve never had an inkling before. I wasn’t sure what to do with it.” – Valentine’s Day, 2010

P.S. Happy Birthday Sherry and thank you for always reading my posts!




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