“Art is to console those who are broken by life”

This Friday’s quote is a little different seeing as that it is from a famous artist and not a movie.

Vincent Van Gogh said or wrote that quote during his time and months ago I stumbled upon it.

Since that day I have had this quote sitting on the very unused desk that I thought would make me want to sit at my computer more and therefore would make me write more. However, maybe this blog is not what it was suppose to be because all I do when I get home is sit far away from my laptop. Or. Is it that I am still looking at my blog like I use to. Either way I again took an unplanned break from the blog. But today I found myself back here wanting to put my words to writing. Wanting to share outfits that I love. Wanting to share life events with you all. But I have yet to sit and tell you all anything. By the time you read this post I would have been on two more unshared trips and have one right around the corner! And hopefully more and more to come!

So to push me to blog more some changes came about some planned some very much not planned but like I was told in therapy do not stress about the things you have no control over so here I am taking the lemons that were thrown at me and grabbing some vodka. Lemon drop anyone?

I will be changing hopefully some back end stuff on the blog with the help of an amazing friend of mine that wants to see the inner workings of what a blog should look like….. I will try my best. Hopefully she will also keep me accountable on here since she knows how much I want to be better at this but I continuously let myself let it go. I will also be taking a swing at more photography and editing on my own and I am very much ready for the challenge but of course I will still work with photographers here and there. I still love working with someone who is passionate about their art. Though sometimes I wish it was not of this girl because well I am not that cool or fabulous as some other people. BUT. I try my best.

I also am about to unleash a whole lot of my self I have never really shared on the blog and for the longest time I did not know it was going to be this important to me.  That my friends is sports. I want to talk sports. No I am not an expert. However, I love sports. I have and will just about all of them. Right now is of course baseball season and basketball is still going on. I will confess I am not that big into basketball. Baseball on the other hand I am obsessed. Which makes writing the blog hard too because I can watch a game every night. I might even watch 2! I will talk more about why I found my love in sports in a post all on its own. I will also share my favorite teams!

I also have been toying around with a series about how I am not southern. Happily, many of my friends and coworkers love the idea because 1 I am not really southern, 2 I was not raised by southerners, and 3 I strive not to be southern. So why not make it a series.

Lastly! I am going to go back to the roots of this blog and I am going to share the 100 things we all must have in our closet. Sadly the original posts no longer live here on the blog but there is about to be some new ones. It will be great having something I love talking about as a new/old series on here. I love talking about what people should have in their closet so this is just perfect!

Now I will stop rambling.

OH! but I forgot one thing.

The quote I used for todays post. It means so much more to me than just using the blog again. The beauty of art consoling the soul is something I have witnessed and have always agreed with. All through out high school and college I had some form of art to allow myself to be free and myself. I strive now after college to find the perfect art form for this stage of my life. I have dabbled in some coloring; coloring for adults is very in right now. Though some people look at me crazy when I am doing it, it makes me calm down and relax. IT is something that is good for my soul. I believe everyone needs to find something that relaxes them, whether it is something art or something completely different.

Ok. Now I am done.

I hope you all have a great Friday and a great Mother’s Day on Sunday!

[Kizzie Klaire Photography]


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