“I like my money right where I can see it … hanging in my closet.”

Are there other bloggers out there that love an outfit so much they hoard it and feel like they want to save it for a great day or a day readers will all flock to see it? No? Just me. Well that would be this outfit. That would be this skirt to be more specific. Ever since I scored this skirt I kept thinking how do I want to wear this? What do I want to wear this with! This outfit came to me and even more exciting it was part of the first few outfits I shot with Kizzie to get back into blogging and to showcase my true newish style.

[Kizzie Klaire Photography]

So I am going to be honest I feel like I use to agree with this quote form Carrie but as time moves on I believe in it less and less. Maybe it is my lust for wanderlust. Maybe it is my change in style. Maybe it is just life.

Though on the other hand.

I have been thrifting a lot more than I ever thought I would. I thrifted a handful of times when I was in college mainly because I had no money but after watching some thrifted youtubers and two of my friends in Alabama wanting to thrift, my interest was sparked. Not only sparked I had so much fun digging around and even happy when I had days where I did not find anything. Weird I know. However, I do need to learn not just to buy something because it kinda looks cute and has a decent price. Though learning to just go for something is also something I try to do. Did you follow all of that because I feel like I just went round in circles. I want to learn how to reach that perfect medium of trying something new and not buying something just because. Mainly because I do not want to see all my money hanging in my closet. I would like to see some or most of it. But. Not all of it.


[top: Old Navy | skirt: Thrifted | jacket: BlankNYC | heels: Steve Madden |
sunnies: Versona | earrings: Sugarfina x Baublebar]

“I like my money right where I can see it … hanging in my closet.” – Sex and the City, TV Series


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