“We are all God’s animated cartoons.”

Take me out to…. where ever. These outfits are from this past fall when Alaina wanted to learn to shoot with lights outside. But to be completely honest with all of you I would most likely wear this outfit today and sweat. We are taking a a step back into my old look and old style for the next couple of posts. But! There will be some exciting outfits coming out next week and I am so excited!

I am thinking about what the rest of this month let alone the rest of the year.  I just spent the weekend down with my sister in college and it not only took me back and made me miss my three besties. You know who you are! The funnier thing that happened was when I was flipping through their cable channels and I found my way to ESPN. I then it came to me. I need to go to sports games! All kinds of sport games!

If you did not know I kinda love sports. Like your brother and father. Yes you read it correctly. I am that person that wants to watch all of it, I will wait through commercials, and I am the one to tell other people either to be quit or watch it alone because I don’t want to be around people whom will talk.  It all started in college and then that love has grown and today I realized I will officially watch all sports from the go to football to golf. Yes golf, I just love seeing people use the talent that was given to them. I think the only sport I won’t really watch is NASCAR and thats because I know I will get bored but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know who wins and I may check in from time to time. I love it. And. I want to learn more and more. I want to be able to explain and talk about it like I truly know what I am talking about.

How this topic goes with this outfit is beyond me.
But there it is.
The outfit is a go to and I would wear it to a sports game.
I may change out the skirt for jeans.

[Alaina Denean Deshazo Photography]

“We are all God’s animated cartoons.” – Punchline


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