We Travel not to Escape Life, but for Life not to Escape Us.

IMG_5238I have a huge itch for traveling. Which could be very hard to believe because I never talk about it or really go anywhere though as you read this I am on my way to the beach!!!! But my itch for travel and my dream vacation spots are another topic. My newest travel buddy even just to go an hour down the interstate to see my mother is what I want to talk to all of you about! Now if you all did not know I work in Makeup, and if you are a fellow Bham Blogger you would know exactly where because I believe that keeping these separate is the right move right now. BUT anyway. I work in makeup and I am always checking out what is new around me and at all the top makeup stores and line. These three little baggies where NEW at Sephora and had to be mine.


I am a very very organized person and when I travel everything needs a place and a bag. It needs to be so well organized that I can find in a moments notice. So finding these three CLEAR bags that were only $18 at Sephora was magical for this organized lover. Now for a quick one night trip I just throw the three into my computer bag and call it a day. But for a longer trip I have a HUGE and I mean huge train case, but not one of those hard train cases you see like beauty pageant girls carry around, I got for Christmas from Lancome and these will be perfect to help organize within the crazy train case. Though I kinda ignore what Sephora named each of the bags.

There are three like I said. The big one is for toiletries, which I do stick in there but I also throw my makeup in there as well. The medium bag states it is for Makeup but I through maybe a palette in there and then all of my brushes because I cannot leave the house without at least 10 makeup brushes if I am going to do a full face where ever I am going. Lastly the cute tiny one is called touch-ups and what I throw in there goes with touch-ups but just one. The tiny baggie gets filled with all the lippies I think I need on a trip.

These little baggies from Sephora are also really good because I am always that lady that over packs for any trip. But with three certain bags that I can’t over stuff because of their design I am almost guaranteed to not over pack….. too much.



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