“What are we all staring at?”



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Photos by Alaina Deshazo

Now I am know I am the girl of the friend group that always dots her i’s and crosses her t’s when it comes to my outfit. I loved a tee when it was bed time but I never really thought about how much of a staple a tee would be. You can rock a tee for just about any or a good number of events. Maybe not a cocktail party or a business venture. But it is an item we all need to have a go to piece. That piece you have on stand-by when you don’t know how an outfit is going to turn out.

I grab all of my tees from either Target or Old Navy and maybe maybe a few more other places but those are my go to places! Where do you go shopping for your tee’s? I would love to know to find maybe more fun tees that are cute and not just comfy!


“What are we all staring at?” – Just Go with It, 2011

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