“You’re shrinking.”

What is sizing?

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I have talked about my love for thrifting here and here, I would be lying if I never told you guys that I find myself making up ways to go thrifting at least once a week if not more. If you want to read more about why I love thrifting explained it here. But today I wanted to talk to you about why I ignore sizing and how thrifting taught me that.

When you go thrifting or antiquing you learn how much sizing has changed over the years. If you ask me its mainly because we all learned to cook a lot better. So when I go thrifting I play around with my sizes. I’m not even close to being a small girl who can find something in every size and be in heaven. But I still play with sizing. You never know what maybe hiding in that other size. Plus the sizing of older clothes is sometimes hard to fit into modern sizes your size might be in another section.

When you are not the picture perfect size by society you find it hard to be a bigger size in anything. Playing with older thrifted closing has taught me more and more about accepting my size. Plus the help of a few bloggers from San Fran that I’ve looked up to for years have helped me embrace who I am and to do things to be healthy not trendy.

Sizing in clothing is bullshit if you ask me.

If we brought around the same size top from 6 different brands not all of them would fit perfectly, even though you know that is ‘your’ size. Some would fit perfectly, some will fit but not just right, and some you will feel larger than life in. Now there is probably some fancy answer to the reasoning of this but here is mine. Each brand sets their sizing. Some may correlate with others some won’t. So now we have one difference in sizing. Then add in the many different cuts and shapes and patterns that similar and different shirts have based on a specific designer. So now we have two things that change the sizing of a similar shirt. Two things that make a large shirt seem like two different sizes. The last thing is the material. I’ve learned that a large in one material may feel more like a medium on me. That fabric was not made for chesty girls.

So the number or letter on a piece of clothing means nothing to me.

So when I stumbled onto this amazing navy and gold jacket I knew I went larger than normal. The jacket had this kick that I loved. I a short girl decided forget it and went for the jacket that would swim her height and you know what I love it. It brought a conversation piece to any outfit.

So I say forget what the tag says in your clothing. If you like how it fits get it. If you feel amazing in it get it. If it’s vintage and beautiful get it.


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