“When I was young and successful, I was greedy and foolish, and now I’m left with no one. Wrinkled and alone.”

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I was looking at my list and I thought to myself I have accomplished some of these but I did not share them so I am going to share them with you today!

Completed 7: 94 To Go

So here is what I have accomplished {or worked on}:

6. Do someone else’s makeup (July 2013, not exactly what I was thinking but it counts, right)

I was so excited to do my very first fun photo shoot so I did their makeup also and it was so much fun and very unique which led me to help my friend in her photo shoots this past semester too. You can check out the first makeup I did through the link above, here, or a video here.

20. Go to all 50 states {18 out of 50: Alabama (live here), Oklahoma (born here 1991), Georgia (1998), Florida (1996), Louisiana (2003), Virginia (2001), Texas (latest trip: December 2012), Mississippi (summer 2005), Colorado, Arizona, California, Maryland (May 2012), Pennsylvania (Just me and mom), New Mexico, Tennessee, New York (2012), South Carolina (Summer 2012), Illinois (June 2013 just me)}

I was able to add Chicago Illinois to this list this past summer.

41. Have someone frame my artwork in their house  Holly of hollysayshey she framed my watercolor lipstick [3 weeks ago]

Totally just realized this one! So excited make sure to click the link above to see her instagram of my work.

51. Go to Six Flags  (October 2013 with my sorority sisters! I rode 8 roller coasters! Happy 22nd to me!)

Um birthday weekend at Six Flags with my sorority sisters need I say more.

53. Feature other people’s style on your blog (started with my little sister!)

I started this series but I have kinda failed at continuing it so I really should not count it but I am.

60. Makeup photo shoot (June and July 2013)

This kinda goes with the first one I listed but I also helped my friend who is an amazing photographer do makeup for her class. 

61.   Inspire someone else to write 101 in 1001 (Kimberly from Simple Suits Me)

This was truly my favorite one to learn I completed and Kimberly is so stinking cute make sure to check out her blog!

96. Start a Week in Review on my Blog (First one June 2013)

Week in Review, I like it a lot but some weeks are not as fun as others.. haha.


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