“Back and to the left.”

What to do from here?

 If you have seen anything on social media lately or if you are a close friend of mine you might know that I have basically found myself ‘back and to the left’ in a corner trying to figure my way out.  I have thought of many different ways to approach this post. This idea of being pushed into a corner.  I could be truly blunt and honest and tell you all I screwed myself up.  Or.  I can be more positive about it and say that I was pushed to learn a very important skill and now I can move forward. Both. Surprisingly are correct. Both. Actually happened.

This past weekend I was in a wreck that I found out totaled my paid off car. So not only do I have to worry about insurance changes but getting a new car and planning to pay said new car off. I have been taking care of myself financially fully for about 3 years. So when a big change like this comes unexpectedly I get a little flustered a change I was unable to see ever happening. So I am in this corner trying to feel out the best way out.  There are so many ways one can get a new car.

I am not nor will be a car person. So I am kinda lost in this world of cars. I do not know what is great for a car price or deal. I do know what I have learned to like and what I prefer. However, like I told my mom last night, I would rather you give two pairs of shoes and tell you everything that is different between them then giving me two cars to compare. Luckily not everyone is like me. Luckily I have some car knowledgeable people in my family and they are not afraid to give their two cents because ladies and gents I need those two cents.

So as the week goes on I will hear more about my old car and proceed from there about what to do next. The life of adulthood. I wish they shared more about this when you were in college maybe even high school. No one prepares you for the unexpected but they could have at least talked about car buying in a general form because this girl right here is kinda no very lost.

[top: Who.What.Wear. Target | skirt: Who.What.Wear. Target | shoes: SJP |
sunnies: Versona | earrings: Baublebar x Sugarfix for Target]

[Kizzie Klaire Photography]

“Back and to the left.” – JFK


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