“Why do you keep saying “goodbye”?”

This past Saturday I was able to walk across the stage at the University of Alabama. I had the luxury to shake the Dean of my college and the President of the University’s hand. These past four years came to a close as soon as the tassel moved from the right side to the left side.

This one day made me reflect on the four years that I had at the Capstone. I can’t believe it all started with a jump into a room with a girl, Nikki, I never met in tut. We meet in a whirlwind as I got ready for pref night and her parents moved her in. The first night we divulged fun facts and family secrets because we both knew that we could share. Who knew we would be roommates till the end. We not only found the only person we would call a roommate no matter how many more ‘roommates’ we would have we found an amazing friend.

This day made me think back to freshmen year when the roommate introduced me to a friend, Rae, from class and we all hit it off. Who knew their partnering in class would lead to a friendship. That friendship lead to another, Jessi. Jessi and Rae had been friends for years and the four of soon would become best friends.

Who knew that the four girls that lived in the same room on the 11th and 12th floor would be best friends anyone would ask for. Who knew that these four years would not be what they were without these three by my side. We have had our ups and downs but we were always there for each other. We survived the April 27th tornado, we got through the hardest parts of our majors, we held the hands during relationship troubles, we watched way too much Sex and the City, and ate too many cupcakes.

I don’t know where these next few days, months, and years will take  us but I know it will be amazing and that they will always be around in person or by phone.

My next step is a blur. I am just going to take the next chapter day by day. Many thoughts and hopes fill my head but I need to just let what is suppose to happen happen. For now I have some moving and packing to do, a couple of weddings and trips ahead of me, and picking where to live next.

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate and watch me walk across the stage.
Congrats to all my fellow graduates!

“Why do you keep saying “goodbye”?” – High School Musical 3

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