“Why don’t I see these things?”

Talking about jobs with my mother, the other day lead me to this thought. The thought and words ‘job’ and ‘career’ have different meanings to my generation versus my mother’s generation. I would never want to say that I am ‘looking’ for a new job because I do most days like my job. However, I am only 25 with 3 quarters of a life left, if I am given that. Therefore, changes and going for something new is not a huge step away from my life right now.

If I do decide to change my career path, my job, I want to find something that does not cause me to hit the snooze button every morning. Every job will give you a little of resistance that is normally. There is no fabulous perfect job but there is the almost perfect job for everyone. I believe that there is a job out there that I will stay up late thinking about. I believe there is a job where I sometimes jump out of bed and I am ready to tackle the day. I also believe that this job might be something I need to make for myself.

In this day and age, there are so many unknown jobs that need to be filled by companies and by entrepreneurs’.

However, my mother always says there is no job that you will absolutely love every job will have its hiccups and downfalls. Now that statement in my head is definitely, true. However, I believe that those perfect for you jobs may knock you down. At the end of the day you would rather be knocked down by the almost perfect job that never makes you feel like you are missing something than a job that you dread going to because it always knocks you down and it never truly leaves you fulfilled.

I feel that my generation and the generation below me searches for that almost perfect job. We strive to find and live in a career that fulfills us in more than one way. Is that a new concept? Did people back in the day just have jobs to put food on the table?

I believe that answer is twofold. Yes, it is a new concept to an extent. However, when you really start thinking about it, it really is not a new concept. Human beings have always strived to create something new. We always wanted to create the wheel; therefore, we are always creating something new to get us to that wheel. That something new could be and was a new career path. Nevertheless, I also believe that many people did and still do just work to put food on the table. Which there is nothing wrong with having a job like that because, maybe they get fulfillment from being at home where they can put the food on the table. They may get their fulfillment from being at home and having a home in general the job is just a necessity to creating a fulfillment.

So maybe this post did not turn out how I planned. Maybe the real difference is between my mother and I. That would not be the first time. The true difference is I strive to find a job that fulfills me. Where my mother does not believe that is true but maybe that is because she already has had jobs that fulfill her. Being a mother or even her job now. I truly believe it fulfills her. I believe she found the job that was right for her. I just want to know is this job right for me? On the other hand, is this the time in my life I should jump feet first into something new?

“Why don’t I see these things?” – Oceans 13, 2004


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