Year 6

Year 6.

How I have mixed thoughts about you.

If any of you follow me on instagram you saw that I kinda excused myself from it a few days ago. It was a mixture of things that created the little step back and the lack of posts on here because of what was going on. I feel like I have handled it but I wanted to thank you for allowing me to take the step back.

But back on to year 6. It is kinda crazy to think where this blog started and what I use to wear when I started sharing my outfits on the blog. Here is a little throwback for you.


Yes that is me in my college dorm room jumping in an Outfit of the Day post. Nikki and I would have snapped photos anywhere. I was rocking an old vest I stole from my moms closet and soon donated years later. A necklace I actually made myself. Jeans I have grown out of and sandals I may still have in my sandal bucket.

It is kinda crazy to look back and see where I started. To think where I could be right now if I had taken it to the next level back in college. Wondering where and if I could take it to the next level in Year 6.

In Year 6 I finally feel I have true friends that stand behind me. Who don’t think it is weird if I need to take an instagram picture. Who actually like my photos on Instagram and maybe even read my blog posts… actually I have no clue if any of my friends actually read these post. I have seen the benefits of being a blogger outside of the blogger world. I have started to learn what my true style is. I have learned how to play with my style and fashion. I have learned to make friends in the blogging world and I am blessed to have them. There is so much more I could list but I want to leave you with this.

Cheers to Year 6 and to what it will bring in the blogging world and outside the blogging world.

Thank you for coming back to read more and I couldn’t do it without you!



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