“Yes, we’re going to teach Americans in Paris how to cook.”

I was talking with my roomie well she isn’t my roomie anymore sad day though I do love my new roomie, after having a few roller coaster emotions based on me doing some things a blogger shouldn’t do she reminded me of a few things that I want to take the time to share with you. That was a long sentence I’m winded. 

I started this blog 4 years ago because I wanted an outlet, some place that was mine and I could do what I want with it. Now I may have more than just this little piece of the internet today but In a World of Bees, There’s Me is where my heart and soul is. It is this little piece of the internet that I spend my time working on outfits and swatching too many lipsticks to count. So I wanted to talk to you about remembering. Remembering why you, I started something. I start many things in my life jewelry making, watercolor, youtube, and they fizzle out over time. I let them fizzle out because I do it for myself because they are my creative outlets. Though me and this blog have had our fizzle out moments I have always picked it back up. Because the time away reminds me why I enjoy sitting in front of my laptop or begging someone to help me with photos.

Remeber Why you Started

As bloggers we all need to remember, remember why we started this blog. Why we claimed a part of the internet. And why we pour ourselves into this.

I was reminded that I blog for ME. If I look at the stats and the views I will lose what I started and what I stand for on this little piece of internet. If you have been here for awhile and read some of my intros you would know that I started this blog based on the movie Julie and Julia. Where the main character Julie follows Julia Child’s famous cookbook. To document her recipes attempts and triumphs she started a blog. After a failed attempt at a conjoined blog, I started my own and well the rest minus a few deleted posts is history. Figuring out what to blog about wasn’t hard, I had just found my love for fashion and I always had a passion for art. So I made the blog to showcase me. My style, my thoughts, and what inspired me. But in the end it was always to share who I am. I am a quite person in real life. I let my art and style express who I am and how I am feeling.

So I need to remember those points that I made this blog to express myself, to be an extension of myself, and that this blog has made me who I am.

“Yes, we’re going to teach Americans in Paris how to cook.” – Julie & Julia, 2009

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  • Awe, I adore this. It’s always good to remember your blogging roots. 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing that it is an important thing for us all to remember.

  • I love this because sometimes it is so easy to forget why we started and to just worry so much about the views and stats. I have loved blogging and its great to remember why I started!

  • I loved Julie & Julia. But yes, blogging is only fun if you’re having fun. don’t let stats get you down.

  • Aw, this is so great! I love reading inspiring stories like this. Keep up the good work pretty lady!

  • Love this post! And love seeing older pictures. It’s so fun to look back..

  • Happy four years!!! I never pay attention to my stats so I don’t lose sight of why I am here.