“You there! Why are you so late? Why have you kept me waiting so long?”


{top: Who.What.Wear. for Target | jeans: Old Navy | shoes: Old Navy | clutch: Target | sunnies: TJMaxx}

{Kizzie Klaire Photography}

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Last minute trips are the best.

Except for the fact that I have to throw chic traveling outfits together in only a few days I kinda love last minute trips. Plus you all should know by now that I have a true itch to travel even if it is just a few hours in a car. I just confirmed a short but needed trip and I am thankful for a job and a boss who is willing to change schedules so I can go on these trips. I know she doesn’t read my posts but I am so thankful and I know my family is too.

I am going to share a few tips I have for short trip packing and last minute packing.

  1. Pick a color scheme for your outfits, for me that is super easy since my entire closet has become the same color.
  2. Always look at the weather so you know what types of outfits you should be wearing.
  3. But don’t forget to pack layers for moments at home or the plane ride which might be colder than other places.
  4. Only the essentials when it comes to beauty products. I know you love that eyeshadow palette or five blushes right now, take it from someone who use to travel a lot more you will not wear them and you will not miss them.
  5. Roll your clothes when packing you will make more room and you might actually be able to bring just a carryon.
  6. Wear your heavy pieces which will also give you more room in your suitcase.
  7. Only two pairs of shoes! That is it. This is probably the hardest for me because I love shoes.
  8. Add in a few random pieces like a necklace or sunglasses that can take an outfit to the next level; a big thing for us style fashion bloggers who like to snap pictures of outfits while we are on vacation.
  9. Don’t forget a few tech pieces especially if you are going to snap photos
  10. Don’t forget at the end of the day if there are stores where you are going if you forget something it isn’t the end of the day you can always hit up a Target, CVS, or whatever to get something you may have forgotten.

I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday! I am too excited for my tiny trip and I hope you all enjoy this post and my out there outfit! I still can’t believe I wore a shirt that showed my sports bra! Cheers to stepping out of your comfort zone!!

OH and I wanted to add a #TBT to this post! Here it is!! Back to college days and Game days!  IMG_2307


“You there! Why are you so late? Why have you kept me waiting so long?” – Sunset Boulevard

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  • Anice Smith

    Brilliant outfit and incredibly inspired advices!

    Recently found your blog and I think I am in love. Don’t mind me as I will continue to browse through it xx

    P.s. The whole concept of it just blows my mind. The title and subtitle are my favorite.

    Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

    • Thank you so much!!! That is so sweet of you!!! It means the world to me!!!