“You’re not 10! You’re kitchen staff, kitchen staff doesn’t have an age.”


I was doing some much need internet searching I also realized how rusty I am I feel like I haven’t really stopped to well sit on my laptop which I guess is a good thing in hindsight. But one of my go to sites is The Everygirl. I don’t always read every post but I read a few and check out job listings. My favorite posts that they have is apartment tours and decor posts. Last Thursday I stumbled upon Sarah Schier’s Brooklyn Apartment Tour, and of course I was loving the photography of her apartment and her decor. But when I saw this striped wall and these shelves I was in love. What really got me was the collection of peach glasses on the top shelf.

Colored glass is amazing and this collection. Breath Taking.

I probably haven’t talked much about my love for thrifting and antique shopping. Mainly because I don’t talk decor on her that often and not in that capacity. Though I do have a mother who knows her stuff and I would shop with her in a heart beat.

I see a collection like this happening in my future. So dear future roommates and husband get ready for this collection will exist and be on display probably just like this one!

The-Everygirl-Sarah-Schiear-Brooklyn-Emilia-Jane-Photography-57{Photos via The Everygirl}


Do you have a collection of items you put on display? Or an antique you love? Or even a family heirloom that means the world to you? I would love to know!!!


“You’re not 10! You’re kitchen staff, kitchen staff doesn’t have an age.” – Chef

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