“You’re trending bro.”

I know we have all read the plenty of instagram posts, blog posts, or watched videos about what everyone has learned in 2015 and/or what they want to see change in 2016. Though we are already a few days into 2016 I thought I would take a sack at this topic. Are you ready?


What 2015 has taught me.

~It taught me to be myself. I realize that it is hard in this day and age to truly be yourself when you have the media and telling you who you should be. Or the fact that you compare yourself to those that seem to have the perfect life. Though inspiration is still drawn from those amazing men and women I have learned to be myself.

~In accordance to learning to be myself I learned to truly live this motto/quote from Dr. Suess “Be who you are say what you feel because those that mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Do what you feel is right for you and forget what others might say. Always think of the cause and effect factor but not what someone will say or think of you from doing it. You should be doing things because you either know they are right or because you know you want to.

~I’ve learned that I have a number of personal things to work on.

~I’ve learned that my life hardships are tiny compared to the big ones my friends and family have encountered. Though they are still my hardships I know it could be worse.

~I’ve learned that I’m blessed beyond belief to be standing where I am. In an apartment, with a job and health insurance, a family that would go to the moon for me, friends who will scrape me off the ground if I fall, and a work family who will always be there for me more than I know.

~There are probably many many more; I feel like 2015 was a year more for personal growth than any other kind of growth.

Blog related.

~I’ve learned that there are always area to improve but they take time and patience.

~Being consistent is a huge part I need to work on.

~You have to give to get. Which is something I have really realized this year with my blog and where I want it to go.

~Be thankful for what you have and your opportunities because none of them are too small. And yeah you might not be working the big names like that blogger down the street but you are making your own strides and you have to start somewhere.

~Keep those close to you that support you because it makes a world of a difference

~Be grateful for what you do have and what you achieve. I do have a support system and I do have a photographer I am blessed to call my friend and coworker!


“You’re trending bro.” – Chef

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